Friday, April 15, 2016

Follow South Atlanta Wrestling on Facebook and Twitter

There are times when the posts here on South Atlanta Wrestling slow down for one reason or the other.  The last two weeks the specific reasons were a vacation and then the real world getting in the way.  In the second case, it was a surprisingly hectic week at work with a time-sensitive issue that needed to be addressed.  It wasn't so much that I worked late as it ate into the time I often post (lunch break), being worn out by the time I got home, and having other adult responsibilities.  I hate it, but that's how it is.

Anyhow, I say all that to say there are still ways you can keep in touch with us.  I've shared them before and they are even linked on the main page, but it's worth revisiting once in a while I think.

  • Facebook--Yes, South Atlanta Wrestling has a Facebook presence.  I post things I see on Facebook there as well as the posts from here.  Many of the items I discuss there I do not discuss on Twitter and vice-versa.

  • Twitter (@S_ATL_Wrestling, @TheBottomLine, and @mckinneydg)--I run that first feed there which is the official Twitter feed of this site.  All of those Tweets are mine, Norko does not use that one.  He posts at the second one listed (@TheBottomLine).  My non-wrestling Tweets mainly go up on the mckinneydg one.  Lots of football discussion and whatever else interests me there.

Those are the main ways to discuss things or get our opinions on things in the wrestling industry when this site seems kind of slow.  I enjoy discussing wrestling on Twitter more than any other way so I especially recommend giving me a follow over there

If you ever want to hit us up about something you'd like to discuss privately, I setup an email address for the site:  Norko doesn't check that one, but I will pass anything on to him that you'd like him to see.  Just let me know.