Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WWE Hall of Fame: Stan "The Lariat" Hansen

This was the rumored inductee I referenced as being able to put the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame class over the top for me. "The Bad Man from Borger, Texas" Stan Hansen will be inducted and that has just about perfected this class.

One of my favorite things about the WWE Hall of Fame is the videos they use to announce the inductees. The trend seems to be to show a clipped version of it on Raw after they've leaked the person earlier in the day. The full videos are typically pretty good and Hansen's is excellent.

For me Stan Hansen is another one of those guys like Nick Bockwinkel and Larry Zbyszko who I knew more based on their reputation than actually seeing them as a young fan. Plus Stan was a guy that Dad often sang the praises of to me. In fact he got the highest compliment you'll hear Dad (GW to you) pay a wrestler, "Stan Hansen was cool." I heard this repeatedly and it is true. Dad also has a great affection for cowboy wrestlers in general, but that's kind of beside the point right now.

Stan was practically a folk hero. He's a big rugged cowboy from Texas who has a "fat wife and nine kids at home," when the AWA Title was stripped from him he accidentally ran over the belt...twice, as you saw Paul Heyman mention above he broke Bruno Sammartino's neck, legend in Japan which I have not seen enough of to be honest. The mystique surrounding him is simply incredible. To top it off he is apparently one of the nicest gentlemen you will meet outside the ring.

Stan has been paid tribute to several times on South Atlanta Wrestling. Unfortunately, many of the video links are now broken, but you can find the posts themselves by simply searching Stan Hansen on the site. Here are a few of the posts though including one where I tried to compile many of the others.

Honestly, I cannot say enough about Stan Hansen. The guy had it all and I am glad that a new generation of WWE fans will be exposed to the excellence that is "The Lariat."

Upload Credit: WWE's Official YouTube Channel, suke ota