Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WWE Hall of Fame: Big Boss Man

The latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame is another winner. SAW favorite, Big Boss Man, will be a part of the 2016 class.

Big Boss Man is a guy who I feel is criminally underrated. Besides his big run again Hulk Hogan in the '80s, I always found that guy to be entertaining.  Aside from the Big Boss Man gimmick that's being inducted he had other good runs as well.  I mean look at these gimmicks in no particular order.

  • Guardian Angel/The Boss in WCW--WWE made sure that he couldn't just drop Big and Man out of his name and continue working as a correctional officer in WCW.  What did WCW do?

    They made him the Guardian Angel which was obviously referencing this group.  He did this whole "three strikes" thing where he'd try to give people opportunities before he beat them down. 

    That run gave us this amazing piece of audio which I do not believe I will forget so long as I live.  I initially heard that clip on WrestleCrap and then grabbed the link from this site.

  • Ray Traylor--Possibly his most underrated run in my mind was when he was out of the nWo and was a face under his real name.  He was paired with The Steiners and managed by Ted Dibiase.  A really fun run which worked well I thought to demonstrate WCW fighting back against the nWo. 

  • Big Bubba Rogers--This was the first bodyguard gimmick I recall and man did he ever look the part.  I am no great fan of Jim Cornette, but I linked that video because it shows what I responded to as a young fan.  That guy was intimidating looking. 

    Besides all that his Attitude Era run as Big Boss Man in the tactical gear was as solid as it was unexpected. It also gave us this underrated theme.

    That last WWE run also gave us the Big Boss Man who was arguably the most evil villain in the history of wrestling.  That man did the following: fed Al Snow his dog, mocked the Big Show using a term I won't type here on SAW while tormenting his mother, and disrupted the Big Show's father's funeral.  

    Was it over the top? Yes. Did Big Boss Man make all of this work? ABSOLUTELY! 

    As for in-ring work, the guy moved very well for his size.  He was such a talented big guy that he was the heavyweight champion in Bill Watts' UWF.  They guy was a very agile big man.  We kind of take it for granted now, but he really was impressive in there. 

    At this point this WWE Hall of Fame class is probably already my favorite. Could not be happier to see Sting, the Fabulous Freebirds, and Big Boss Man get honored. There's one more big name rumored that will be the icing on the cake as well, but I will do a piece on that when it is official.