Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quality Places to Discuss Wrestling

I've had some solid discussion on my Wrestling Twitter this morning and it made me think that I should share or re-share all the places that I discuss wrestling.

If there are other places I should go, please let me know.

  • was my first wrestling discussion home.  I went there because Norko was already an established member.  It has a good blend of wrestling discussion and general discussion without being too tight or formal.  They also have the A1 Podcast which Norko runs the point on weekly.  I have made guest spots in the past and really enjoy talking with all those guys. 

    My name there is FreebirdSTF.

  • Wrestling Classics--This one is a little more formal as you are probably aware, but you can absolutely learn a ton about the business and its history there.  The discussion about the modern-WWE product there is often too tedious for my taste, but most other wrestling discussion there is excellent.

    My name there is mckinneydg.

  • Twitter (@S_ATL_Wrestling)--Twitter is the most convenient place to talk wrestling as it is the easiest to do with a mobile device.  I believe I have a solid group of people I follow and really enjoy discussing or bantering with them as it were.

  • Wrestling With Words--UPDATE AGAIN: The Forums are BACK!.  A new addition to my rotation.  I have stuck with the WWE & NXT sub over there and have tried to get some discussion going.  Once this one gets more traction I think it will be a really attractive option for discussing wrestling. 

    My name there is SouthAtlantaWrestling.

  • South Atlanta Wrestling on Facebook--Not a lot of discussion there, but I do share all of the articles from South Atlanta Wrestling that way.  I also share thinks I come across on Facebook that I don't write articles about or share on Twitter.  I do not use it just to pimp my own work, but it's not nearly as interactive as the other things listed here. 

That is it for me and I think that is enough honestly, but if you have some great place in mind please let me know.

One notable omission is Wreddit (the SquaredCircle sub on Reddit).  I ventured over there briefly, found out that it was filled with the exact type of wrestling fan I do not enjoy bantering with, and moved on.