Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Triple H v Roman Reigns Fan Made "My Way" Video

You've probably seen this by now as it was all over Twitter (thanks to the guy who sent it to me by the way, he knows who he is), but this dude Ray Zombie has done a great thing for us. He took inspiration from that WrestleMania X-7 Austin v Rock Limp Bizkit "My Way" promo and applied it to the Roman Reigns v Triple H feud.

It's really solid and you should give it a look RIGHT NOW! if you haven't already. There is some adult language here so if that's going to bother you please turn away now.

Great work, Ray Zombie. The only reason I hesitated to share this was his comment with the video...
I love the Wrestlemania 17 Rock vs Stone Cold promo, so I re-made it for Wrestlemania 32 with Triple H and Roman Reigns. He still sucks.
...but I let it slide.  Just kidding of course.  The video is great and makes the feud look as epic.  I don't insist that everyone like Roman Reigns.  I'm comfortable with people being wrong on that one.  

Upload Credit: Ray Zombie