Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Smackdown Taping: Atlanta (Airing 3-3-2016)

Took my family to the Smackdown show in Atlanta tonight (3-1-2016) and had a great time.  I have gone to WWE shows with my wife and son (Raw Atlanta and Survivor Series recently), but tonight was my first show with all four of us.  My six year old daughter joined us for the first time at a wrestling show.

Note that the kids both wanted a New Day unicorn horn.

With that out of the way the basic spoilers for Thursday's show as well as the Main Event matches are right here after the jump...

  • Neville defeated Tyler Breeze with his finisher in the first match of the night.  This was not part of the Main Event taping I don't think as I believe the wrestled with the Smackdown ring skirt on the ring.
  • Main Event: Paige/Natalya/Brie defeated Summer Rae/Naomi/Tamina.  The crowd liked YES!ing with Brie a lot.  She tapped out Naomi.  Lana made an appearance during the match and came down and sat on the announce table.  I don't recall her getting involved beyond that. 
  • Main Event: Ryback defeated Heath Slater w/ Social Outcasts with Shell Shocked.  Ryback did like he did on Raw by being no-nonsense and storming out of ring after winning. 
  • Main Event: Lucha Dragons defeated The Ascension with Salida Del Sol and Swanton Bomb combo.
  • Main Event: Stardust defeated Zack Ryder with his finisher.  Lots of "Cody!" chants.
******Smackdown Spoilers Start Here******
  •  Dean Ambrose gets a big pop, cuts a good promo, and is interrupted by Kevin Owens.  They set the main event for the night as a match between the two of them. 
  • Sheamus/Rusev w/ League of Nations defeated The Usos when Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick.  The Dudleyz come down to beat on The Usos some more, but refuse to use the table they brought with them.
  • Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz with a flash pin much like The Miz's victory on Raw.  It was a pretty cool counter to that clothesline to the guy in the corner that Miz uses.
  • Golden Truth backstage skit and R-Truth is finally coming around on the team, but Goldust doesn't believe him.
  • Becky Lynch v Sasha Banks for the number 1 contender to the Divas Title went to a NC as Charlotte, who was ringside with Ric Flair, attacked both of them.  No number 1 contender has been determined yet.
  • They recapped the Undertaker/Vince thing from Raw. 
  • New Day cuts a promo on Y2AJ.  They bring such a good energy to the arena, but since they insist on keeping them heels it's kind of counterproductive.  WWE Creative always seems to be swimming upstream, don't they?
  • AJ Styles makes his WWE Atlanta debut where he was hugely over.  He beats Kofi Kingston right after Big E and Xavier Woods got tossed from ringside.  I think it was the Springboard forearm smash that led to the finish.  Big E and Woods tried to corner him outside the ring, but AJ was able to escape.  Crowd was thrilled with all of this.
  • Dean Ambrose defeated Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens with Dirty Deeds.  Fun match which the fans were into all the way through.  One odd thing I noticed was Owens disassembled the announce table at one point and that didn't play into the finish.  Some production folks came out from the back and hurriedly put it back together and they seemed to have a tight shot on the announcers.  I'm guessing they realized they needed more footage for something or just didn't like the aesthetic.  Can't wait to see the show and how it comes across on TV.

That was it, they announced earlier in the night that WWE was returning to Atlanta on Monday, August 1st for Raw.  No matter how bad WWE may be creatively at any given time I always enjoy the live event experience.  Despite missing Roman Reigns and The Wyatt Family, I thoroughly enjoyed this show. 

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