Friday, March 18, 2016

Roman Reigns on SmackDown (3-17-2016)

SmackDown is a show that I do not always watch, but typically enjoy when I do. Aside from the constant recaps from Raw you actually get a pretty solid, no-nonsense wrestling show.

Two things kind of determine whether I end up watching SmackDown or not.

One is whether I have anything else going on that night. I set aside time on Mondays and Sunday for wrestling as necessary, but just don't with SmackDown on Thursdays.

The other aspect of it is whether anything looked interesting in the spoilers. Well there were two things that really interested me from the SmackDown spoilers this week. AJ Styles taking on Kevin Owens in the main event is one thing and I really enjoyed it. The primary one was I wanted to see Roman Reigns' promo after his return on Raw.

We all know that Roman's promos are often and adventure. He is certainly not blameless in this, but I tend to place most of the blame on WWE Creative. So far as I can tell they are responsible for trotting him out there and cutting John Cena Lite promos. The tone of these are often far too goofy for a guy like Roman Reigns and completely miss what makes him work.

If it were up to me he would rarely ever talk, but that does not seem to be in the cards due to his stature in the company. The next best thing is to come up with a tone that fits the character better and last night's promo is an example of that.

This promo was ground-breaking or anything like that, but it worked for me. More importantly it was the exact type of promo Roman Reigns should have been cutting since the beginning of his big singles push. If this is indicative of the Roman Reigns we are getting from here on out then this is a promising development. Let's hope that it is. Here is the promo itself.

The other change was his entrance. For the second show in a row he did not enter through the crowd. Does this mean they have dropped the crowd entrance altogether? Not necessarily, but I will be interested to see what they do on Raw. As of this moment I am not a fan of the change, but I'm sure it will grow on me. The no-nonsense walk down the aisle worked for me though. Again, it came across like a departure from "tater tots" Roman Reigns. If so, that's a good thing

The last thing, which sounds like a small thing, was the way he flippantly tossed the mic when he was done.  That kind of "I don't give a flip" attitude will also go a long way with this guy I think.  

Hopefully all of this is pointing to either a full heel turn or at least a soft reboot of face Roman Reigns. He never should have been positioned as the next Cena in tone. He should have been the ass-kicking alternative to Cena. He needs to be presented more like Goldberg, Batista, or (don't groan) Randy Orton. That's the sweet spot for a guy like Roman Reigns. Bootleg John Cena is not going to work and everything since TLC 2015 and Raw Philly has been a testimony to that.

I am not going to hold my breath, but I am hopeful that they've finally figured out what made the crowds like Roman Reigns in the first place. If they have it is good news for Roman, WWE, and most importantly to me...the fans.

Upload Credit: WWE's Official YouTube Channel