Monday, March 14, 2016

Ridiculous Suplex on a Chair

Thanks to Simon Cowfunkel (@deadphishesq) on Twitter for sharing this nonsense with the world.

If you have not seen this yet, I have something amazingly moronic to show you. No, it's not any number of my posts on this site. It's more moronic than that. Look at it in all of it's idiotic glory.

Now this is one of those situations that might just hit a little too close to home for me. If you didn't already know, my dad (GW to you), suffered a serious spinal cord injury that led to permanent partial paralysis back in 1998. Norko was there when it happened and actually called 911 for that matter.

Due to this particular life experience I know I probably have a lower threshold for this kind of nonsense. I would, however, hope that most intelligent people who watched that clip recognize how unnecessary it is.

If my take on this subject is not compelling I offer you this instead from William Regal. He posted the following series of Tweets (@RealKingRegal roughly two hours ago.

The rest I have compiled here with a slight modification:
I was fortunate to make it. Talented people haven't. No amount of crowd pops are worth it when less dangerous moves can be done and get the same effect.

The last tweets weren't for sympathy.  Its a warning to younger wrestlers to save them the problems and prolong their careers.
I really appreciate Regal's thoughtful and passionate response.

Moves like that have no place in the business in my opinion. The business will never be 100% safe, but hopefully common sense continues to prevail and moves like this are minimized.

Thanks again to Simon Cowfunkel (@deadphishesq) on Twitter for sharing this nonsense with the world.