Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Raw Review: That Was It? (3-28-2016)

They did it, they finally broke me on this Road to WrestleMania.  There were several times during the course of the build from the Royal Rumble to WrestleMania where I thought, "TONIGHT'S the night they finally get it cooking."  Unfortunately, that never happened.

Do I think WrestleMania will be good?  Yes, I do.  Am I looking forward to it?  Yes, I am.  Have most of the Raws leading up to it been underwhelming and repetitive?  ABSOLUTELY.

As usual I am only going to look at what interested me on the show.  For a full recap I always recommend Powell's WWE Raw Live TV Review on DOT NET.

  • Undertaker/Shane McMahon Open the Show--Eh, I appreciate the effort all involved are putting in here, but I am still not feeling any of this.  Shane's big stunt was impressive even though he barely clipped Taker, but that sucker was gassed.  If, for whatever reason, you thought they'd play that match straight to any degree this confirms that there will have to be a lot of bells and whistles to make it work. 

  • Roman Reigns/Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon--This was broken down throughout the night and the crowd hated Roman Reigns.  That's disappointing, but I thought his presentation was decent here although this also seemed to lack a little bit of UMPH to it.

    Watching Triple H and Stephanie do their mic work just kind of reminded me that they needed more of that earlier on so that people were less likely to back Triple H.

    The pacing of having everyone out to breakup the big fight at the end seemed off to me until Reigns pulled off that cool dive. 

    Speaking of that dive, I'd like to say that the "You Still Suck!" chant after it is probably my least favorite crowd chant since Bray Wyatt's got treated to a "Husky Harris!" one.  Be better than that Brooklyn.

  • AJ Styles is going to WrestleMania--Not a huge fan of him being stuck with Jericho since Y2J tried to murder him at Fastlane.  That said Jericho's heel work outside the ring has been solid.  Either way it is good to see a guy go from wrestling in front of me and Norko in Cornelia, GA to WrestleMania.

  • SportsCenter is coming to WrestleMania--Coach coming out and engaging in shenanigans with New Day was a fun moment for the live crowd I figure.  The announcement that SportsCenter was coming to Mania was really cool though.  I will be interested to see the particulars on that. 

  • Lesnar/Heyman/Ambrose segment--I Tweeted last night, "That segment blew."  I stand by it.  Heyman's promo was fine, but the whole concept of Ambrose coming to collect his plunder in his wagon was goofy.  This fell completely flat for me and I like all three guys involved.  This was so poorly executed that not even Ambrose's unique charisma or Lesnar's aura or Heyman's mic work could help make it succeed. 

Like I often say it wasn't a terrible Raw. It was just sort of there. That looks worse when it is the go-home Raw for your biggest show of the year. As previously stated, I still have high hopes for the Showcase of the Immortals.

Mania and Raw the next night should give us some idea whether WWE is getting out of this funk. It seems they've been in one since the Roman Reigns title win at Raw Philly. That is the last time things felt really exciting as it looked like they had salvaged babyface Roman Reigns and had momentum. That ended at the Royal Rumble and they've never really gotten their mojo back IMHO.

Again, for a full recap I always recommend Powell's WWE Raw Live TV Review on DOT NET.