Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Booking SAW: Compiled

Some time ago I stopped and thought about what a wrestling promotion might look like if I were running it.  I started a series called "Booking SAW" and kind of worked through the basics of my theoretical promotion.

It was something inspired by what I did not enjoy watching any given Monday night.  Basically, it was a response to all the complaining I saw online about WWE's product and my own complaints.  

That series has now been compiled here.

  • Booking SAW Part 1
    • Tag team wrestling
    • Handicap matches
    • Non-title matches
    • Introducing the champion
    • Cage matches
  •  Booking SAW Part 2
    • Authority figures
    • Three-way matches
    • Championships
    • Entrance music
    • Women's wrestling
  • Booking SAW Part 3
    • Commentators
    • Ring announcers
    • Celebrity involvement
    • Thrown-together tag teams
    • Comedy acts
  •  Booking SAW Part 4
    • "Enhancement talent matches - underused?"
    • "When should a champion be pinned/made to submit?"
    • "Key elements of a heel champion?"

Looking back at this it is clear my taste has evolved to a degree.  The biggest one I noticed would be on Women's wrestling.  Other than that one I believe my tastes are fairly similar as they were in 2012 when I wrote these.