Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WWE Network: Global Cruiservweight Series

The talk of Twitter yesterday was WWE announcing the Global Cruiserweight Series on the WWE Network.  Here are the specifics via Bleacher Report.
  • It will run 10 weeks starting July 13th.
  • Taking place at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL
  • It will feature 32 competitors.  
This, or something like it, has been rumored for a while and most people seem to be pretty excited about the prospect.  I say most people because when it relates to WWE you will always have doubters.  The biggest talking point is that WWE or Triple H is doing this for the "wrong reasons."  I cannot imagine why I would care what their motivation is, but that's just me.  You also have this Tweet which I thought was responded to fairly well.

Could I go track down matches that are just as good or better on the indie scene? Sure, but guess what? I already give WWE Network my $9.99 every month. I am not going out there and spending money on downloads or DVDs from a bunch of different promotions, and I have little interest in watching a ton of wrestling via YouTube, Daily Motion, or whatever so the Global Cruiserweight Series coming to WWE Network is legitimately exciting to me. I think it is completely reasonable to be stoked about this venture and I don't care what WWE's motivation for it is. Don't act like you're the only one(s) who see "what's really going on" here.