Monday, February 29, 2016

Plans Change: The Wyatt Family

One of the most peculiar things coming out of Fastlane was The Wyatt Family losing to the "Titans of WWE."  This decision became less strange when it was clear that the rumored Bray Wyatt v Brock Lesnar WrestleMania match was not happening.

It was still an odd decision.  We know The Wyatt Family has been treated poorly for quite a while now.  That's no secret.  The fact that they lost to Big Show, Kane, and Ryback at Fastlane was still fairly shocking to me.

From the jump, that match looked like it was booked specifically to give the Wyatts someone they could beat.  As a matter of fact my thought was never about whether they would win, but whether Big Show, Kane, and Ryback meant enough to even bother having the Wyatts beat them.  I said in the Fastlane Results and Review article that "there is next to no reason to believe the Titans win this thing."  Of course, they did. 

That was bizarre, but like I said it became less bizarre when the choice to move on from Brock v Bray at WrestleMania was made.  All of this leaves us in a really strange situation with Bray Wyatt and his Family because they jerk them around so badly there is little chance they ever get any real momentum.

Initially I thought the two mistakes they made were not booking them strongly enough (Hello, John Cena) and then breaking them up too quickly.  At that time the obvious call seemed to forget about Bray setting Luke Harper free, and especially to forget about Erick Rowan's misguided face run. 

Eventually it appeared that WWE fixed these mistakes.  They got the band back together, booked them a little better, added "Sister Abigail's Black Sheep" Braun Strowman before Rowan was ready to return from injury.  It seemed to some degree that they had righted their wrongs.  Now we sit her right before the biggest show of the year and it seems that the right thing to do is...break up the Wyatt Family.

It really is incredible how poorly they have treated a stable that had such promise.  The vignettes announcing their arrival on the main roster were really cool, they have quite possibly the best entrance music, their entrance itself is must-see live.  Luke Harper is generally considered one of the best in-ring workers WWE has, I personally like Bray Wyatt's in-ring work although I acknowledge that is a more controversial topic.  It was all right there and WWE screwed it up.

What should they do?  I am no fantasy booker, but it seems to me that Bray could benefit from a face run.  That's certainly not an original idea as it has been discussed for a long time, but his message could easily be modified to fit as a "down with the machine" face.

Leaving the other three together as a stable under Luke Harper would seem to be the best bet as well.  For that matter, you could run a Nation of Domination kicks Faarooq out type of story.  Give the new stable a harder edge and most importantly some in-ring credibility.  Allow Bray to actively seek the approval of the WWE Universe.

No matter what they do I just no longer see any value in this iteration of the Wyatt Family.  The Wyatt Family was a great gimmick that was begging to get over in WWE.  If it weren't for WWE Creative continued inability to get out of its own way, I'd imagine it would be wildly over now.  At this point don't be afraid to do something different.  The main thing here is, don't screw it up again. 

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