Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mattel Defining Moments Surfer Sting

Sometimes a rumored figure sounds great, but then doesn't exactly live up to the hype.  For me, Elite 39 Sycho Sid fit that bill and I did not even end up purchasing it.  We have the latest entry in that category with Mattel's Defining Moments Surfer Sting.
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The attire looks sharp and all that, but the moment I look at that figure all I see is that goofy head sculpt. I can't look past it. It is literally all I see. I cannot quite put my finger on what exactly it is that it reminds me of, but that mouth/teeth sculpt is horrendous.

In general the Mattel WWE line is fantastic and has been a vast improvement in figure quality from the Jakks Pacific line. This figure is a huge miss though which is disappointing, but good news for my wallet I suppose.