Thursday, February 4, 2016

FFA: DC Comics Multiverse 6' Dawn of Justice Aquaman Figure

At Toys R Us last week I saw the first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 6" Multiverse figures.  The first series included regular and armored Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.  The armored Batman was a really nice looking figure as was regular Batman.  Superman was sharp looking as well, but I already have one of those from the Man of Steel line.  I didn't actually see the Wonder Woman figure, but the picture looks decent.

Anyhow, the back of the card said that the rest of the series was coming later.  Aquaman is the only one I planned to buy and was looking forward to seeing it.  Today images have appeared on TNI and I am pretty pleased with the figure.

Here's what Jay Cochran of TNI said about the source of the images.
Some images presumably from one of the overseas Toy Fairs going on this week has surfaced online and been making the rounds on social media giving us a look at Mattel's upcoming 6" DC Comics Multiverse Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Aquaman movie figure.
Click here to see the images. I had high expectations for the figure and I have to say they were met here.