Friday, January 22, 2016

The Wyatt Family Stands Tall

This renewed Wyatt Family push in WWE right now is fascinating.  I have always been a huge fan of the gimmick and thought that WWE did less with more as it related to handling it.  Had they not botched it so badly I could easily see a situation where Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt had a really cool Batman and Joker vibe to them going forward.  The Wyatts debuted pretty strong, but things got sideways after that.  Spinning Harper and Rowan off and having Rowan as a face for a while seemed to be huge mistakes to me at the time.  At that point I though the Wyatt Family thing was done and Bray Wyatt was going it as a loaner from that point forward.  I also thought WWE had squandered a solid talent and even better gimmick. 

Since then the Wyatt Family has reformed, but they weren't really treated any better than they were before.  First problem with the reformation is that you can't always just put things back together like they used to be.  There have been situations where I was impressed that WWE Creative has managed to salvage an act such as The Usos.  Those dudes were deader than dead and now are a tremendous asset for WWE.  Those situations are few and far between however and I still wish they had not derailed the Wyatt Family in the first place.  The second problem is that even once they reformed the group they weren't really given a chance to shine or I should say they weren't ever given any real in-ring credibility.  

When I think of the lack of in-ring credibility two names always come to mind and that is John Cena and The Undertaker.  To me, both of those guys were the biggest issues as it related to Bray Wyatt.  The Cena thing was before the break up and had some cool moments, but still pretty much destroyed the mystique of the Wyatt Family gimmick.  This was in large part due to the fact that even with a 3 on 1 advantage the Wyatts were not shown as being remotely on level with John Cena. 

While the Cena one was aggravating I find the Undertaker deal to be far worse.  You had poor Bray Wyatt out there trying to carry a feud without the other half of it present.  Then Taker rolls in finally (after The Streak was over which minimized his value) and beats ol' Bray at WrestleMania 31.  Some at the time tried to argue that it was a situation where Bray was made in a loss, but that wasn't the case and that only became more obvious the further we got away from that match. 

Anyhow, this all brings us to today where suddenly the Wyatt Family has stood tall to end Raw and SmackDown as we approach Sunday's Royal Rumble.  Now for all we know this is a Meng-type push where they are only getting a push at all for the purpose of the Rumble and that's it.  The problem is that most of the chatter I see focuses on the following premise:
This would be really cool if the Wyatt Family mattered.
That's where we are.  You cannot look at what they are doing with the Wyatts and NOT think about how much better this should all be.  I hope for Bray and Luke Harper's sake specifically that this isn't a "make them strong for the Rumble" type push.  Regardless, it is disappointing to me that the Wyatt Family has been treated so poorly. 

It's just another example of WWE Creative getting in its own way if you ask me.