Monday, January 4, 2016

Recent Wrestling Figure Hunting

I got the itch recently to do some real #toyspotting which I had not had in quite a while.  What stoked it was finding the Special Ops (Roman Reigns) Create-A-Wrestler at Walmart in Newnan, GA finally.  That was on my son's Christmas list and me, my wife, and my grandmother had been looking for it for him.  Didn't find it in time for Christmas, but I did find it to give to him at Valentine's Day as we always give the kids a little something then.  Anyhow, as I said that kind of stoked the flame so I went back out to start looking more seriously for a few things.

Here's how all that went:
  • Elite 38--I wanted to buy the full case of Elite 38 from Ringside Collectibles, but could not pull the trigger on that "investment."  I cut the list from all six by choosing to pass on Daniel Bryan (I got that Mania 30 one with both belts, WCW "Macho Man" Randy Savage (great figure which I may regret passing on, but I had the WWE Legends 80's style one, and Adam Rose.  That left me to hunt for the APA, and Roman Reigns (I have the first Elite Reigns, but wanted this one with the new vest and a much improved head sculpt.  I kept looking and only saw the three I did not have on my list.  Rose and Bryan were easy to find, Macho Man I only saw one at the Fayetteville, GA Walmart.  The APA popped up on Amazon though at $20.00 a piece.  As a Prime member that meant I got the free two-day shipping.  I went ahead and pulled the trigger on them.  Got them today as you'll see in this Tweet right here.  Really happy with them at that price online.  Still haven't seen Roman Reigns and his is marked up north of $30 on Amazon so that is not happening at this time at that price.  
  • Elite 39--Made the post-Christmas Toys R Us trip while they were still wiped out.  Only figure I saw in the whole store was that "Johnny Boots and Tights" John Cena debut look figure.  Went back when I heard people say they were doing some serious restocking and saw the entire Elite 39 lineup.  Wanted Sting and Sycho Sid initially, but the head sculpt on both figures bothered me so I passed.  They also had the new Battle Packs as well.  It was a really impressive stock, but I just could not pull the trigger on anything.
  • WrestleMania 32 Roman Reigns--I wanted a new head sculpt and vest Reigns to open so I set my sights on that one.  I picked him up on Amazon for $11 or so.  That one hasn't shipped, but I am looking forward to it.  At some point I need to get my hands on an Elite that comes with the current WWE Title to pair with this figure. 
  • Seth Cashes In--Still haven't seen this one and cannot pay over $30 for it.  I may start trolling eBay for a good deal, but for now I am still just looking.  Hope I get him, but who knows.  
  • Other Stuff--It looks like I will pass on that nWo Outsiders in street clothes Battle Pack as well as Swagger and Zeb.  Like both, but I have to be fairly exclusive with my wants so some stuff just doesn't make the cut.  
What I have found about all this is I miss the hunt as I haven't prioritized figure hunting or #toyspotting in a while.  Also I used to be a "thrill of the chase" guy, but I have come around to ordering online if the price is right.  Won't pay a premium, but if it's close to the list price I may go ahead and make the purchase.  If you check out Amazon (especially as a Prime member) there are some figures that are a pretty good deal.  I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't.