Wednesday, January 27, 2016

AJ Styles Debate on Twitter

Before you start reading be aware that if SmackDown spoilers matter to you that the entirety of this piece relates to a match that will air on this week's show.  

If you follow me on Twitter then you may have seen this one the other day.

Beyond that I didn't have a lot to say about what was on my mind. That was for two reasons. The main one is no one responded, but also I pretty much decided at that point to do an entry here about the issue.

To set the stage let's take a look where we are as it relates to AJ Styles in WWE.  He debuted third in the Royal Rumble the other night to a huge reaction.  He eventually got eliminated by Kevin Owens in what I hope is a taste of what's to come with a feud between the two.  The next night on Raw he started out with a backstage interview with Renee Young that was interrupted by Chris Jericho who was his opponent that night.  The two had a decent match which Styles won with a sunset flip/roll up type of finish and that's where the discussion starts here.

Beating Jericho on Raw is a perfectly fine moment for AJ Styles, but the argument was that it lacked a bit of punch as he won without hitting Styles Clash.  Now I am all for more variety in match finishes and don't necessarily want to see the same spots in every match or that matches can only be one by a defined finishing move.  That said I think AJ's debut victory was harmed to some degree by not hitting Styles Clash.  The prevailing thought at that time was, "Well, they must be saving it for a big moment."  Basically teasing the move so that it will come across as a big deal when he finally hits it.  I should add that some simply advocated for a better looking finish to the match.  A secondary finisher could have been used or something like that would have given the end of the match a more dramatic flair.  Fair enough, right?

So the SmackDown spoilers hit Twitter last night and we found out that AJ Styles defeated Social Outcast, Curtis Axel by way of....Styles Clash.  Now the argument from Monday night has intensified because the premise that they must have been saving his finisher was clearly incorrect.  You also had some concerns or fretting (depending on how you want to look at it) about where AJ was going to be slotted on the card.

This is where it got stupid IMHO.  I am firmly in the camp that feels it was a mistake to go with such a weak finish on Monday night if you're going to hit the Styles Clash on SmackDown.  Like most things though I think it's a perfectly debatable point and I can see others saying that it's not a big deal.  I think these are reasonable positions.  Twitter doesn't lend itself to reasonable positions.  This discussion escalated to a degree that frankly surprised me and you had people giving such silly, exaggerated examples to compare to the situation that it was over-the-top ridiculous.  Like most things it was the level of rhetoric from both sides that took what I thought was a reasonable discussion and turned it into a bunch of nonsense.

That's not a knock on Twitter (which I love) or the folks on Wrestling Twitter as I call it, but it is something that I wish didn't happen so frequently.  At this stage I actually prefer discussing wrestling on Twitter over every other form of social media, message boards included. It just bugs me when the arguments get so big and so dumb and so loud that everyone on the "other side" is portrayed as some sort of moron or villain for holding an opinion different than yours.

What's the point of all this?  I rarely know.  I just want to get on Twitter, discuss wrestling, and have some fun.  I guess it's just a call to cool the rhetoric a bit and not take every dissenting opinion and make it a caricature.  Will it happen?  I doubt it, but a guy can dream. 

While we are at it, I'll go ahead and beat you to it..."Name a dirtsheet."