Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WWE World Title Tournament

The WWE World Title Tournament is underway and I have enjoyed it so far even if some of the entrants were less than compelling.  All the talk is about how this thing will play out at Survivor Series and I go from thinking it's obviously THIS to obviously THAT.  After having pondered it and discussed it on Twitter (@S_ATL_Wrestling).  This is kind of where I am at with the whole thing:
  1. It is Roman Reigns time.  In a perfect world you can hold off and give your next "guy" his big WrestleMania moment.  I don't believe they can do that with Roman though at this point.  The thinking changes a little bit once Rollins goes out with the injury, but at the moment he became number one contender it felt like his first WWE World Title run was a) going to happen and b) needed to happen.  It's time, the ATL crowd will embrace him.  It will make for an excellent moment.  WWE needs to do this.
  2. The final four should be Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose, and Kevin Owens.  I will be shocked if these four don't all make it. 
  3. Shenanigans will take place. The other day I had decided that one of the following would definitely happen:
    1. Roman Reigns turns and becomes Corporate Champion.
    2. Dean Ambrose turns on Roman in the finals.
    3. Sheamus successfully cashes-in on a victorious babyface Roman Reigns.
  4. Number 3 there is what has me so perplexed.  I think it's time for Roman coronation (as a babyface), but these three scenarios seem the most likely and none of them actually give Roman his babyface victory.  After Triple H's promo on Raw it seems that someone has to be his Corporate Champion because why wouldn't he reach out to another guy and offer him the Rollins/Reigns deal?  So as much as I believe in my first point, the only way I actually see it happen is if he wins it as a heel I hate to say.
Ultimately, I am just really happy that I will be there at Philip's Arena to see what WWE does.  As much as I'd love to see it be Roman Reigns standing tall in the city he played college football I am guessing that shenanigans of some sort will carry the day.  He will either have the belt or be the face.  I am almost thinking it will be one or the other, but will not be both.