Thursday, November 5, 2015

Seth Rollins out 6-9 months; WWE World Title tournament at Survivor Series

Seth Rollins injury at WWE Dublin ended up being as serious as feared.   News was confirmed by Jonathan Coachman of ESPN.

As someone attending Survivor Series this is a pretty big disappointment. There is good news however...
  • We are guaranteed to see a new champion crowned.
  • The focus on Raw leading up to the show should be tighter as I am assuming we will get qualifying matches for the tournament.
Now admittedly I wanted to see Roman Reigns beat Rollins for the strap and still hope Reigns leaves ATL as the champion. That said I am optimistic that at least those two things above play out for an exciting build.

There are a few elephants in the room.  One, Sheamus is still lurking with the Money in the Bank briefcase.  Two, Reigns could become Corporate Champion like The Rock.  That one I would be down with had we not just seen Seth Rollins play that exact role.  Third, and I'm the least excited about this one, is Dean Ambrose turning on Roman Reigns at some point in the night.  Now I think a Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns feud has a ton of potential, but I stand by the premise that I'd prefer those two not feud.

Oh, there's one other elephant and he looks like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.  Anything, but that WWE!

Either way, Survivor Series just got a lot more interesting and to some degree unpredictable.  I'm glad I will be there even if it's not what I initially wanted to see.