Monday, November 30, 2015

Extra Security at WWE Events

I'm guessing that this is simply the new reality at WWE shows and probably all forms of live events in the United States of America now, but I found this note to be interesting from DOT NET via WCHS-TV.
The story notes that fans who arrived at the Huntington event with a purse or backpack had to pour the contents into a clear back [sic] and then return the purse or backpack to their vehicle.
Jason Powell goes on to note that sometimes these stepped up security concerns vanish about as quickly as they arrive. That may be the case this time, but to me it feels like we are heading toward a situation where tighter security at live events is going to be our new reality. Only time will tell, I suppose.

If you're interested in the stepped up security at the Survivor Series show in ATL, I touched on it here in my onsite review and here on the A1 Podcast.

Clearly, Powell meant "bag" instead of "back" above, but just wanted to point out that I noticed the error when I copied the text over.