Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Charlotte, Paige Main Event Angle on Raw

I am breaking this post out from the Raw Review I intend to do because I feel it's important enough to earn its own post.  If you watched Raw last night it should be obvious why that particular angle warrants a higher level of scrutiny.

Right from the jump I will tell you that I was not a fan at all of that closing segment.  Part of it has to do with how forced and contrived this Divas Revolution has been from the beginning.  Part of it was Charlotte's stilted delivery that oddly reminded me of a bootleg Stephanie McMahon.  The major issue, of course, was bringing up Reid Flair for the purpose of furthering an angle.

The Reid Flair aspect of it absolutely destroyed any interest in the angle from that point forward as well.  It was tasteless, tacky, and unnecessary.  Above all of that it was simply lazy.  WWE Creative had to go that direction because they could not find or at least felt they couldn't make this feud compelling otherwise.  The whole Divas Revolution has been a mess.  The PCB split has been a mess.  That segment last night was the definition of "trying too hard" in my opinion.

Some will defend it saying that apparently Ric and Charlotte must have been OK with it.  To me, that obviously helps, but it doesn't absolve WWE from criticism.  Even if the family is carny enough to think it's fine, doesn't mean the viewing audience necessarily has to agree with that.  I think @GolazoDan summed it up best as it related to the Eddie Guerrero/Randy Orton controversy.

The moment Charlotte mentioned her brother I cringed a bit. By the end of it with Paige's response to her about him it was pretty much full-on disgust.  If you were fine with it and thought it added to the proceedings I don't really have a problem with that.  I will continue to maintain though that it was cheap, lazy, tacky, and distasteful. 

I am no prude, but I think some things should be left alone.  I wish WWE had thought better of this particular tactic before the main event segment on Raw last night.   They didn't and I think that's a shame.