Friday, October 23, 2015

Here's what I like about WWE's current product

"What do you like about WWE's current product?"

I touched on the troubling state of Raw the other day here and it has also been discussed on A1, WCMB, Twitter, etc.  On the flip side I thought it important to take a look at some of the things that are working in WWE right now or some of the bright sides in general.  A discussion elsewhere led to a suggestion that I pose the question above to WCMB which I did.  Now I'd like to take a look here at some of these things. 
  • Talented roster--Now you can certainly and quite easily make the case that WWE Creative is doing less with more, but there is no denying that they have a ton of talent on their roster.
  • New Day--These guys have been an absolute riot since their heel turn.  The only downside at all is that they are so good that it's hard to really hate them like the heels they are supposed to be.
  • Rusev--While he was great as the ass kicker, he's been even better with the minor comedic touches that were added to his character.  I mean he presented "always hot and submissive" Summer Rae with a fish as a display of his love and ended up throwing it at Lana. 
  • The Shield--The focus being put on these three is something I've enjoyed.  I wish all three were dealt with better.  I mean Rollins of course gets tons of screen time as does Reigns, but neither is booked in a way that makes them look their best.  Ambrose is the most underutilized of the three.
  • The return of the Dudley Boyz--Always liked the Dudley Boyz even as Team 3D in whatever that promotion was called and have enjoyed seeing them back in the fold. 
  • John Cena's positioning--He's still pretty clearly The Guy, but Raw doesn't feel as much like The John Cena Show any longer.  The US Open Challenge is something I've really enjoyed and aside from him clowning Seth Rollins so much I find this version of John Cena to be pretty solid.
  • Kevin Owens--I am not as high on him as others are, but he's a really effective heel and the perfect guy to have in your IC Title mix. 
  • NXT*--It looks a lot like what many of us wish the main roster looked like in general.  They've even made women's wrestling matter which is quite incredible from a company that has Divas and a butterfly title. 
That's not a comprehensive list and isn't intended to be one for that matter, but it does highlight a few things WWE is doing or has done recently that I like.

NXT got an asterisk simply because when the question of, "What do you like about WWE's current product?" is raised I kind of mean it more in terms of the main roster.  It is important to note that NXT is a WWE product and one that a lot of folks seem to enjoy right now.  

It really is frustrating to see WWE in the shape it's in when they have such talented people on the roster.  WWE Creative does a great job of doing "less with more" which is disheartening.  I'm still somewhat optimistic that things will turn around a bit once we get to the Royal Rumble.  On that topic though only time will tell.