Monday, September 14, 2015

WWE 2K16 Roster Reveal Number 6 (Final Reveal)

We've reached the end of our WWE 2K16 Roster Reveal with the sixth one.  There are some interesting names here and this will also fan some of the complaints about how 2K claimed "no duplicates."  Here's the final additions:
  1. Baron Corbin
  2. Big E
  3. Bray Wyatt
  4. Brian Pillman
  5. Colin Cassady
  6. Enzo Amore
  7. Jey Uso
  8. Jimmy Uso
  9. Kofi
  10. Konnor
  11. Mark Henry
  12. Mikey Whipwreck
  13. Ricky Steamboat
  14. Rusev
  15. Savio Vega
  16. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
  17. Sting (1999)
  18. Sting (Blonde)
  19. Stunning Steve Austin
  20. Undertaker (ABA)
  21. Undertaker (Ministry)
  22. Viktor
  23. Xavier Woods
The Google Sheets document has been updated as well.  I think having the Hollywood Blondes together is a really interesting addition to the roster especially the addition of Stunning Steve Austin. 

I will be picking this one up for the PS4 as my first PS4 game.  Cannot wait for that. 

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