Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Raw Review: September 28, 2015: Kane's HR Evaluation

Last night was an odd episode of Raw that focused on Corporate Kane's HR evaluation.  Looking around online it appears that the show was not highly regarded, but I enjoyed a lot of what I saw.  Admittedly, I did not see all of Raw as I was dealing with some other things, but here's what I thought about what I did see.

  • Main Event: Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt--Match started a bit slow, but that crowd was amped for it after the DCO finish.  I am a big fan of both guys so I was glad to see them get the arena rocking like that.  The one thing that hurt it IMHO was that I was certain that Strowman/Harper/Ambrose/Orton were going to show up at some point.  I also thought that Ambrose was going to turn on Reigns as well.  I was shocked when the show ended without anyone else getting involved.  The leap over the barricade, and Spear by Reigns through the announce table were really cool as was Wyatt's shoulder block thing through the timekeeper area.  Wyatt throwing an AV tech or whatever at Reigns was pretty good too.  
  • Kane's HR Evaluation--The gag still amuses me and I think Rollins has been entertaining playing off of Kane.  I did not see Rollins going after Kane like that coming at all.  I would have broke this whole deal in two parts personally, but while it was campy I didn't mind Corporate Kane morphing into Demon Kane in the ambulance at all. 
  • U.S. Open Challenge:  John Cena vs Xavier Woods--Fun match and fun reveal.  I was hoping that after Kofi and Big E got sent to the back that Big E would return in a mask to cost Cena the strap.  They went for the obvious DQ which I didn't love, but I liked how they transitioned to the next match...
  • New Day Six-Man Tag--Big win for New Day there.  I'm a huge fan of the Dudleyz so I liked this better than most I'm guessing. 
  • Harper/Strowman vs Prime Time Players--Interesting seeing the two Wyatt Family members without Bray who did mention their match later that night.  Kind of surprised that Strowman put out Titus.  Great way to continue to build them as monsters.
  • Divas Revolution/MizTV--Hated how Paige teamed with Charlotte and Becky.  Hated it even more when Paige predictably walked out after a "misunderstanding."  Glad to see Natalya in the mix though.  
  • Notable Omissions--I saw the end of Heyman/Big Show's promo, but not enough to have an opinion about it.  Anything else that wasn't mentioned I did not see or it made no lasting impression on me.  
Thought it was a decent, not great show.  Glad Reigns and Wyatt got the main event slot, found Rollins, Kane, and New Day to be wildly entertaining.  That doesn't surprise me at all aside from Kane who is doing solid work right now and will probably continue to so at least in the short term.  

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