Monday, September 28, 2015's Raw Five-Point Preview: Sept. 28, 2015

Much like Corporate Kane and Demon Kane have returned so has South Atlanta Wrestling's look at the Raw Five-Point Preview.  Let's take a look at the stories they are setting up for tonight's Raw.
  1. This man, this monster--Much like Big Show who will be mentioned later, I am ready to see Kane retire.  I want to see him enter the WWE Hall of Fame and get his kudos there, but I am pretty tired of him on WWE programming.  What is interesting about his return is that in the short-term I think it is actually pretty entertaining.  Much like I will say about Big Show down the page, it can't go on for long, but in the short-term Kane is making this really entertaining and that kind of impresses me. 
  2. What’s next for the Divas Revolution?--This appears to be primarily about Natalya and Paige which is fine with me.  I like that we have finally shaken up the Divas Revolution from its initial format and adding a talent like Natalya to the mix is a good step in that direction as well. 
  3. Snake in the swamp--I like the addition of Randy Orton to this Reigns/Ambrose vs Wyatt Family feud.  He's the type of guy that makes sense to be the third man as opposed to corny, lift-wearing Chris Jericho.  It seems like someone is going to turn eventually and I am opposed to seeing Ambrose and Reigns ever split.  Maybe Randy Orton will be the guy to turn at some point and give Ambrose something to do without turning him on Reigns.  That would free up Reigns to hopefully challenge Rollins down the road as well.  To be clear, I don't necessarily want Ambrose and Reigns to remain a unit.  I'm fine with them drifting apart and coming back together when it makes sense to do so.  I just don't think that we need a Reigns vs Ambrose program.  Let them stay together and be a Ric and Arn type deal.
  4. Who will challenge John Cena for the U.S. Title?--One reason I did not really want to see John Cena regain the U.S. Title was because we have kind of done it all with him and the US Open Challenge.  That said, it keeps him away from the big prize and he'll continue to have entertaining matches with quality opponents.  Eventually something awesome will happen whether it is a surprise challenger or just a special match so I will open my mind up for this one and hopefully WWE and John Cena delivers.
  5. Brutality before The Beast--Obviously they are continuing to build Big Show ahead of his WWE Network special appearance from MSG against Brock Lesnar.  What I thought most interesting here is how they put Cesaro over as "one of WWE’s most physically dominant Superstars." That's true of course and I'm glad to see them mention it even if it is only to put over Big Show.  I am also glad that this MSG show is coming up this Saturday so we won't have a long Big Show build ahead of us. 
Honestly, I watch Raw every week no matter what so you know I will be there. I am hoping that we are close to shaking some things up again and that we won't spin our wheels until Royal Rumble season though. Even so there some interesting things going on right now so I won't complain too much. Hopefully tonight's show is solid at least. We will see.

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