Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Legends with JBL: Eric Bischoff - Part 1

Had to take a day off from work to take care of a sick child.  With that time I took the opportunity to watch the debut episode of "Legends with JBL" on the WWE Network.  I must say I was really impressed.  It helped that his first guess was Eric Bischoff.  While it's not like we've never heard Eric's side of the story it was interesting to hear straight from the man himself again since so much of what we know or think we know about him is from other sources.  As for JBL, I really like the guy aside from some of the things he alleged hazing we've all heard about and while he's not polished in the role of interviewer, I thought he did a really good job.

I did not realize this was a two-parter, but I'm glad it was.  As the time was winding down I realized we had a lot of ground left to cover.  Part 1 mostly focused on how he got into the business, his rise to power in WCW, the tremendous turnaround WCW saw under his guidance, and the beginning of the acrimony between him and AOL-Time Warner.  Of note, the Bret Hart quote from the commercial must be in Part 2 of his interview because they did not discuss The Hitman here at all.  The most fascinating part for me specifically was his thoughts on "Cowboy" Bill Watts and his side of the story as it relates to Good Ol' JR's firing or release.  Bischoff is very candid throughout and admits his own failings and comes off as trustworthy to me.  I highly recommend checking this one out and am looking forward to Part 2.  

While I don't think every episode will be as interesting as these Eric Bischoff ones, I do believe that Legends with JBL has a lot of potential.  I also believe it is the perfect type of original content for the WWE Network.  I will definitely work it in to my viewing schedule. 

After initially publishing this I saw this Tweet from JBL which I thought should be shared as well:

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