Friday, August 28, 2015

What do I like in WWE right now?

A discussion over on WCMB got me to thinking about what I enjoy about WWE right now.

Here's a list that isn't going to be comprehensive and is by no means in order:
  • Roman Reigns especially when paired with his boy Dean Ambrose.  I hope they never split them. 
  • Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.  I don't think much explanation is needed.
  • New Day is absolutely, freaking hilarious.
  • Rusev w/his Hot Summer and their feud with Lana (to a lesser degree Ziggler in that feud)
  • The Wyatt Family especially with the debut of the Black Sheep to shake up that status quo.
  • Sting doing a final lap in WWE including his shot at Night of Champions.
  • The returning Dudley Boyz.
  • Seth Rollins being a slimy heel with The Authority although his eventual face turn will be phenomenal too
  • Stardust is growing on me with his Neville feud.
  • I liked Cesaro & Kidd, but I'm hoping this Cesaro singles push is for real.
That isn't all, but it's the first things that came to mind.  Here are some notable omissions and explanations:  Mark Henry (not around enough), Randy Orton (tired of Sheamus feud), Daniel Bryan (injured), John Cena (respect him and his accomplishments, but am tired of him), Undertaker (see Cena and add that he's been useless since The Streak was broken), Kevin Owens (I like him fine, but he's not a "move the needle" guy for me).

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