Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Undertaker in 2015

Not doing a Raw Review or even a Quick Raw Review this week, but I had to touch on one thing from the show.  That thing is that I am completely over The Undertaker in 2015. 

Look, I respect the heck out of the dude.  I even appreciate how this could be a great thing.  I loved Paul Heyman billing it as "The match too big for WrestleMania," but ultimately I just cannot bring myself to care about that dude at this stage in the game.  Honestly, this feels like a perfectly good waste of Brock Lesnar to me. 

This isn't really a newsflash either as I have often said that I was tired of Taker.  I thought it was complete garbage that Bray Wyatt had to try to carry that build by himself just for Taker to show up and beat him.  Basically, without The Streak I just flat out don't see any benefit in having him around anymore. 

My intention here isn't to bury The Undertaker by the way.  Like I've said about Kane and Big Show, I just think it is time to pay tribute to his career with a WWE Hall of Fame induction instead of having him in the ring.

They say Father Time is undefeated and that's the truth.  Not even The Undertaker stands a chance against him. 

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