Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Raw Review: Surprise Returns and SummerSlam Fallout

Expectations were kind of mixed heading into last night's show as NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn was a huge success and SummerSlam was an abject failure IMHO.  As for Raw?  Raw was pretty amazing if you ask me.  We got solid action, interesting returns, and even a big debut (literally, that guy was huge).  It was exactly the type of show they needed to kind of get things back on track aside from a very few misses (yeah, that's intentional).

Let's take a look...
  • Seth Rollins and his statue--I was all about Seth getting his statue as he requested last week.  I didn't think it looked all that bad either.  Of course, Seth was cheated out of his big moment by the returning Sting which was a legit mark out moment for me.  The only minor miss there was poor Sting's face paint didn't look so hot by the time of the big reveal.  He made it work though and that crowd was down for it.  You knew someone was going to be in there and it was great it was Sting and even better it wasn't Kane.  Great segment and I loved the interaction between The Authority and Seth leading up to it.
  • Jon Stewart explains himself--Stewart "doing it for Flair" was a decent explanation I suppose.  I didn't care much for this segment, but John Cena was by far the worst thing in it.  He couldn't figure out if he wanted to be serious or not and it was the exact kind of performance that makes me so sick and tired of that guy. 
  • The Wyatt Family grows--While I was kind of hoping to see the Wyatt vs Ambrose/Reigns thing wrap up so all could move on, I really liked this moment as well.  The way they debuted "Sister Abigail's Black Sheep" Braun Strowman was interesting as was him swatting down both Ambrose and Reigns.  "The Black Sheep" is a solid name and so far as I know the only person not down with this is probably Erick Rowan.  Braun's got a great look and fits right in with Wyatt.  He pretty clearly has some limitations in the ring so it will be interesting to see how they work around that.  Either way, I'm intrigued especially since it should mean that Reigns and Ambrose will be searching for a third.  Without Sting being available, I'm not sure where they'll go either.
  • GET THE TABLES!--First off, New Day is amazing.  I half-jokingly stated last night that it went Horsemen>nWo>Freebirds>Shield>New Day in terms of stable quality.  The trombone gimmick during their entrance and Xavier Woods' general hilarity were awesome.  Even more awesome was when the freaking Dudley Boyz returned after a decade of being gone as a tandem from WWE.  I liked their work in TNA as Team 3D, but much like Hogan or Flair or Sting coming to WWE this is so much better.  Xavier going through the table was a great moment as well.  
  • Brock Lesnar destroys Bo Dallas--Bo deserves the US Title at the very least for taking those German Suplexes like a champ.  My wife gasped at the first one.  Brock was scary strong there too.  It was great.  Bo is really underutilized.  He's perfect, annoying cannon fodder.
  • The Divas Revolution sputters--The best part of the Divas segment was The Miz.  This whole thing has come off as so contrived and phony that I'm not at all surprised the crowd crapped on it.  The Bellas and Paige went to Twitter to complain about the crowd, but I don't blame them at all.  WWE Creative deserves the blame.  This is probably the only time that I will ever defend a crowd that initiates a "We Are Awesome!" chant, but fair is fair.  
  • Everything else--The eight-man was fine for what it was, I wonder if Big Show is taking a little time off though.  Whatever else there was didn't leave much of an impression.
Great episode of Raw, could not have enjoyed it anymore.  They did a pretty good job of washing the SummerSlam stink off of everything. 

Great job WWE.

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