Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Horsemen Break Dusty's Arm

After Dad and I worked on a little project at my house we watched a couple of YouTube videos on the PS3.  We were kind of hitting some of the greatest hits from the 80s such as Dusty/Magnum/Tully and The Baseball Bat Incident.  That led us to this gem right here.

Now I'm really not one of those, "Everything was better back when" wrestling fans, but this is the kind of stuff that I think is often lacking. This comes across as so genuine and while it is over-the-top it doesn't come across as if it's not serious. Compare that to the silly crumbling cinder blocks that have been around since at least the early to mid 2000's for example.

Anyhow, this was another indelible wrestling memory from my childhood.  If you haven't seen it then it's time to watch it now.  "MAKE IT GOOD!"

Upload Credit: koufy