Thursday, July 16, 2015

SDCC: Mattel WWE Q&A with Head Designer, Bill Miekina

I dropped this on Twitter earlier today....
....but before I take some time off I thought I would share this Mattel WWE Q&A with Head Designer, Bill Miekina.

The question about real old school figures was the most interesting to me. Skip ahead to about 8:50 or so to hear Bill Miekina talk about how that endeavor looks. Bruiser Brody is who was specifically asked about and he said he'd love to make that one, but there's nothing on the horizon for him. He did mention that he had submitted a list recently of Legends to WWE, but did not share any of those names. As I've discussed before he basically said that they could dive deeper on Legend figures if the current Flashbacks sell well enough.

As an aside, Noelle Foley isn't great at this gig. I respect her effort, but that's about it.

Oh, and one thing that surprised me was that Bill keeps up with the secondary market to get an idea of which figures may deserve another release/re-deco/etc.  

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