Friday, July 3, 2015

Jeff Hardy vs Sting at TNA Victory Road 2011 and TNA's Current State

As TNA continues to apparently circle the drain you've seen and heard more outlandish things coming from representatives of that company such as Dixie Carter, Bob Ryder, etc.  While I understand the self-preservation aspect of why these guys act the way they do I think it's pretty hilarious the outcry towards anyone who suggests TNA "deserves to die."  I mean, if you don't get the job done then you don't make it in pro-wrestling or any other industry really.  That's just the way it is.  I'll hate for the people put out of work, but the idea that we should support your garbage promotion simply because it exists is laughable. 

Anyhow, this to the Sting vs Jeff Hardy debacle at TNA Victory Road in 2011 which crossed my mind due to this Wrestlecrap entry.  Bryan Alvarez had this to say about it which I grabbed from the aforementioned article.  Aside from the language this is about exactly how I feel about TNA in what could be it's dying days.
Ideally everyone in the world would be employed, preferably in something they enjoyed doing, but for the love of God this company needs to die. Just die, Dixie can go back to being the friendly receptionist at Panda Headquarters in Texas, and if fate is such that there must be a “number-two” wrestling company in America, someone with a fucking brain will come by and pick up the pieces. And hopefully they can do it without rehiring everyone responsible for this Titanic of a company, unlike the current moronic braintrust who hired everyone responsible for killing WCW almost exactly ten years ago to the day. Over the years I have gotten one angry letter after another from the TNA diehards, trying to defend the utter bullshit nonsense that is Impact and the stupid decisions Dixie and her goofy crew make. This is what happens when you blindly support bullshit. You get this show, a show destined to be an entire chapter in a book someday.”
Not much to add to that, but this incident four years ago speaks to the mentality of the folks running that promotion.  The fact that things have only gotten worse since then tells you all you need to know. 

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