Tuesday, June 16, 2015

WWE Network: Celebrating The Dream

After Raw I stayed up to watch WWE Network's Celebrating The Dream and it was as classy and well produced as you would expect from WWE. 

Basically, they took a modified version of the Dusty Rhodes DVD, had Jerry Lawler introduce the segments, and then add in anecdotes from WWE SuperStars, Divas, etc.  Like the other specials I can only assume that it will be available to watch On Demand.  Even if you've seen the DVD documentary, I'd recommend checking this out.  It really is nice to watch these folks eulogize a man that they obviously had a great affection for. 

On the A1 Podcast I took my Sound Off opportunity to pay my respects to The Dream.  I cannot claim he was ever my number one favorite wrestler, but I always liked The Dream and I always respected him. 

Anyhow, this thing is an hour long and if you're a WWE Network subscriber you should give it a look.

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