Monday, June 15, 2015

WWE Money In The Bank Review

This show was firmly in the middle for me and probably trending down. I was shocked that Jason Powell had such a high opinion of it, but different strokes for different folks I suppose.

Let's dig in to the show itself.
  • R-Truth vs King Barrett (Kickoff Show)--This match was absurd on so many levels.  First, you have R-Truth out there which is always absurd and entertaining.  Second, King Barrett shows up in the most ridiculous of outfits as he got new king attire.  Third, you have R-Truth go over on King Barrett.  Now I like R-Truth, but King Barrett is one of the most underutilized guys on their roster right now (Yes, I see you over there too Cesaro). 
  • Dusty Rhodes Segment--This was very touching and emotional and I'll probably break it out into its own post.  Go find it in the interim. 
  • Money In The Bank--The first spot I liked in this one was when Kofi tried to sneak up the ladder and everyone turned their attention to him.  The best spot from what I recall was Reigns powerbombing Kofi on that ladder laying across the ropes in the corner and then powerbombing Neville (?) on to him.  I didn't hate the interference of Bray Wyatt although I was all-in on the idea that Reigns would win, and cash-in sooner rather than later.  Sheamus is an interesting chose to carry the briefcase and I wonder if that means they intend to try to push him up the card.  I think he's a solid heel, but I'm not sure how trying to get him to mains will work. 
  • Paige vs Nikki Bella (Divas Championship)--This match, must like the WWE World Championship match later in the show, was almost completely defined by the finish.  Basically, Twin Magic fails so Brie exposes the ruse to the official.  I used the word exposes for a specific reason.  That reason being that Brie pulled the stuffing out of her top and then more surprisingly showed off the tattoos on her lower abdomen to prove she wasn't Nikki.  Nikki gets the win and is at over 200 some odd days as Divas Champion.  You know what?  I have no issue with it.  She's been excellent as champion.
  • Big Show vs Ryback (Intercontinental Championship)--Too short and I don't remember much about it other than Miz interfered, someone got DQed (Ryback I think) and Ryback retained his belt. 
  • US Champ John Cena vs NXT Champ Kevin Owens--This was pretty clearly the match of the night.  It was a long match, but a match that did not feel long.  Both guys worked really hard unsurprisingly and I had no issue with John Cena taking the win here.  Any concern I might have had about it were gone when KO left him laying after the powerbomb on the apron.  I don't know where they are going from here, but KO is a star.
  • Prime Time Players vs New Day, Big E & Xavier Woods (Tag Team Championship)--This was one of the more controversial decisions on the show.  I thought the crowd was pretty hot for the change with several folks doing the "Millions of Dollars" dance.  I get the negative reaction to it as New Day is a hot heel act who haven't been champions for long.  If it's up to me I have New Day take the belts back tonight due to some shenanigans.  It probably sounds corny, but I was happy to see Titus and Darren have their moment.  Some would argue they haven't been built well enough to have their moment yet and I won't really disagree with that, but I was OK with this one.
  • Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)--My main reaction to this match was, "It was long for the sake of being long."  I read today that it apparently had to go long due to timing issues.  Well, that might explain that, but it makes the shortened Ryback/Show match look worse.  Anyhow, I liked the aspect of Rollins working Ambrose's knee, but there really wasn't much else that was memorable to me about this one other than a finish that I felt was flat awful.  Why did I dislike it so much?  The biggest thing to me was how they basically did a controversial finish or that's what it appeared to be yet they immediately played Rollins' music.  It's a minor gripe I guess, but they needed a chaotic ringside scene with refs or other WWE officials out there sorting out who had the belt.  To me, they played it as if, "Well Seth had it when they hit the mat so he's the champ."  That's fine, but I've never heard that used to determine a winner in this type of match.  It's like they plucked that out of thin air and I would have just as soon had Ambrose lose cleanly as opposed to that poorly executed finish designed to save face for him.  The finish looks even worse considering how long the match was and how much longer it felt.
This show was a minor miss for me.  I despised the main event finish.  The MitB match was fine.  The tribute to Dusty was my favorite thing on this show by a large margin which is a testament to that man.  As far as in-ring goes, I cannot say enough good things about KO and Cena's match.  It was a middling show that left a bad taste in my mouth with a disappointing main event.

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