Friday, June 26, 2015

TNA Impact Thoughts from June 24th

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling
This is not a full review of Wednesday's episode of Impact Wrestling.  This is some random things I recall about that show.  As someone who long ago wrote of TNA Impact as being worthy of my time, I found myself home and decided to watch based on all the rumors swirling about the episode.
  • The Jarretts returning was an interesting moment.  The commentators immediately annoyed me with their idiotic "this just broke the internet" talk though.  I often defend WWE's self-promotion when others have issues with it, but at least in their case there is some semblance of reality to it.  A kernel of truth at least.  With TNA it's just so blatantly obvious that they are lies and at best half-truths.  Anyhow, back to the topic at hand the Jarretts arrival was interesting and I thought Jeff and even Karen did one heck of a job delivering their promos.  At the very least it was something on this show that felt interesting, genuine, and important.
  • It saddens me to think how excited I used to be to see Kurt Angle versus now.  His and EC3 were pretty good together though and I think EC3 is an excellent heel.  Kurt needed to drop the "It's real! It's damn real!" catchphrase after he used it the first time though.  That's terrible.  
  • Taryn Terrell and The Dollhouse is actually a very interesting act IMHO.  This is the second time I've seen them as I happened to catch 10 minutes in an episode a couple of weeks ago.  I've liked that act both times.  The theme song, Courtney Love's "Doll Parts" really works for them too.  It adds a certain underlying creepiness for lack of a better term to the whole thing. 
  • The X-Division match was fine I thought.  I don't really "get" Grado, but he was decent out there and it seemed people liked him.  Tigre Uno has a really cool mask and I like him as X Division Champion.  Low Ki has never interested me a ton and he quit the next day anyway so whatever.
  • The Dirty Heels is a solid act.  Roode and Aries at varying times have been the best thing in TNA.  Apparently Aries is also leaving TNA which is a shame.  The match between them and The American Wolves was entertaining.  
  • Vader's return was interesting as a man that age and in that shape can be.  Back to commentary the commentators were insinuating that Bram was going to be given some latitude by the officials right as the official DQed him (LOL).  That's TNA for you.  On the bright side Vader's return gave us this ridiculousness which I grabbed from Scott (@tapemachines on Twitter).
  • Again the commentary team was embarrassing especially from the standpoint of blatantly obvious false spin.
  • Velvet Sky and Angelina Love was fine I suppose although I've never been a fan of Love and the whole "If Velvet wins she gets rehired" stipulation is beyond tired.
That's all that I really recall from the show and although I liked some of it I can't say I'm going to make a point to tune in going forward.  TNA is such a damaged brand I think they need rebrand as GFW (if that's what is possibly happening).  I must reiterate though that Karen Jarrett's promo really impressed me as odd as that sounds.  She did a great job. 

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