Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Raw Review: Roman Reigns vs The Authority

Pretty solid episode of Raw that focused on the "Shield boys" as Stephanie McMahon recently put it.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it wasn't an earth shattering episode.  It was however a quality episode of Raw.  Here's an alternate take on the show from DOT NET's Jason Powell. 

As I mentioned the "Shield boys" were the focus and while there were some tired stories being told it all kind of worked.  It worked in large part due to Dean Ambrose who wasn't even there for most of the show.  Dean and the WWE World Heavyweight Title were both absent which made for some fun as The Authority tried to take their anger out on Roman Reigns by putting him against King Barrett followed by Mark Henry and finally Bray Wyatt.  The premise being that Roman had to win or would lose his spot in Money in the Bank.  Roman did a heck of a job throughout the night even on the mic.  He seems to be finding his voice and the crowd seems to be behind him now as well.  Seth Rollins was great as the pissed off, frustrated champion without a belt in the opening segment.  The whole show kind of built towards finally seeing Dean Ambrose and when he showed up and left with the belt it made for a lot of fun.  I can firmly get behind a WWE that focuses on Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns. 

The other big story was the follow-up on John Cena and Kevin Owens after KO's shocking win at Elimination Chamber.  Both guys played their parts so well and I say that as someone who was beyond tired of John Cena.  He hit all the right notes here as did Kevin Owens.  Owens kept to the first rule of being a heel as told by Michael PS Hayes.  That is, no matter what a heel needs to feel that his actions are completely justified.  I have no idea what's going to happen between these two at Money in the Bank, but I know I want to see it.

Nikki retaining the Divas Title with Twin Magic(!) was fine I thought.  I didn't mind the Twin Magic because they didn't try to sell that they looked alike, they basically had Brie wear a similar outfit, keep her head down and get in and out of the ring.  It was done about as believably as it could be done I thought and didn't offend me the way it did much of Twitter.  I'm not saying it was brilliant or anything, but I didn't find it offensive.

For some reason I could not really get into Orton and Sheamus even though it seemed to me that both guys worked hard.  It was a decent match up to put on TV, but I'm not surprised with the DCO result at all.  Maybe that means they see Sheamus as a guy they can bump up the card a bit.  I think this version of Sheamus deserves that.  

I missed the Big Show's involvement as I only saw Ryback's entrance, but seeing The Big Guy with the Intercontinental Title was nice.  I like Ryback and thought he was a fresh champion at least.

The six-man tag with PTP/Ziggler taking on New Day was fun.  Xavier Woods was the star of the show again in my mind.  I find that dead really entertaining.   

Money in the Bank is only two weeks away and I'm really ready for that show.  I cannot wait to see who our next case holder is and I hope it's my guy Roman Reigns.  We'll see, either way it looks like a good show.  This show helped us head that direction so in that regard it was a success. 

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