Monday, June 29, 2015

Raw Preview: 6-29-2015

My look at the Raw Five-Point Preview from returns today as I am off work.  What is WWE focusing on for tonight?  Let's see.
  1.  Is Rollins unstoppable with The Authority back on his side?--Some have asked why The Authority would rally around Rollins since they brought Lesnar back.  The way I figure it is they wanted to punish Rollins and make sure he knew his role as in he realized he needed The Authority, but they have no interest in dealing with Lesnar as champ.  Why?  They can't control him. 
  2. Should Ryback fear Big Show (and The Miz)?--Can't lie and act like this interests me a ton because it doesn't.  What I do find interesting is the idea that The Miz is presented here as a guy who might sneak out with the strap while Ryback and Big Show square off.  It wouldn't surprise me honestly and I think Miz has been an entertaining heel since his return.
  3. Has Bray Wyatt thrown Roman Reigns off his game?--This one interests me because I like both Reigns and Wyatt.  Imagine how much more interesting this would be had Wyatt not been destroyed by Cena last year and then Taker this year though.  At least The New Face of Fear has a stated purpose this time and isn't just cutting creepy promos for the sake of creepy promos.  Someone on Twitter said it looks like Wyatt is basically an extension of the Philly crowd and online folks who rejected Reigns so soundly and that's about right.
  4. What’s going on between Rusev and Summer Rae?--Summer Rae as a consolation prize again?  OK, fine.  I'm guessing this will be more about Rusev trying to make Lana jealous which won't work, but I guess this could be entertaining.  Wounded (literally and figuratively) ex-boyfriend Rusev has been about the best you can expect given his injury.
  5. Are Cena’s days as United States Champion numbered?--I'm curious if we are getting an US Open Challenge.  This seems to focus on the idea that Owens has Cena wounded and has beaten him already.  I can't see a more likely scenario than Owens taking the US Title off Cena although I have a hard time believing he will win this feud outright.  That seems to be where they are going though.
That's it, those are the issues that WWE is pushing ahead of tonight's Raw. Typically there are other things that crop up and matter during the show though. Hopefully it's a good one.

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