Saturday, June 13, 2015

Money In The Bank Contract Winner?

Who should win the contract tomorrow at Money In The Bank?  I'm on record as saying I want Roman Reigns to take it and end Seth Rollins' WWE World Title reign in the most fitting way possible. 

There are rumblings from alleged insiders/whatever that who we think will win won't.  That suggests to me that Roman Reigns may not be the guy.  If that's the case then I am going with the large segment of Wrestling Twitter that is rooting for Kofi Kingston?

Why Kofi Kingston?  It's kind of obvious really, it will give New Day the opportunity to try to share the briefcase.  It will be hilarious I can promise you that.  It will be double hilarious when they spectacularly fail to cash-in some point.

In my world Reigns gets the nod, but Kofi is the next best option.  We'll see how it plays out tomorrow at Money In The Bank. 

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