Friday, June 19, 2015

Final Thoughts on Dusty Rhodes

Photo Credit: WWE

This week has certainly been an emotional one for Dusty Rhodes' family, the folks who worked with him and knew him best, and for wrestling fans in general.  Seldom do you see such a unanimously positive outpouring for anyone in the wrestling industry as you did this week for "The American Dream."  I've already written a few words about Dusty and what he meant to me, but I thought it appropriate to say just a few more.  Beyond that I wanted to kind of grab some of the tributes and things I saw this week and put them in one place.  That said....

The thing about Virgil Riley Runnels Jr. is that he really was a living, breathing, example of the American dream.  I use his "shoot" name not to be some sort of grand smark, but to be clear here that while Dusty Rhodes was The American Dream, the man behind the gimmick was also the real deal.  Based on everything I've heard and read he never forgot his humble beginnings and that's a large part of why "The American Dream" resonated with fans.  The amount of coverage that Dusty's passing received from the mainstream media pleasantly surprised me for that matter.  That, again, is a testament to the mark he left on the wrestling industry and pop culture in general.

As mentioned there were wonderful tributes shared about Dusty Rhodes this week.  Here are some of the best ones.
There are others and I don't mean to shortchange those, but these were the really obvious ones I felt should be shared. If you haven't watched them I recommend you do. Even if you're reading this and aren't a wrestling fan, take a moment and see how the industry and its fans pay their respects to their fallen legends.

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