Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FFA: The Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Uniforms Wednesday at 11:10 AM

I had heard that a big revamp of the Atlanta Hawks uniforms was on the horizon.  If you follow my non-wrestling Twitter feed (@mckinneydg) you may have noticed I Tweeted about it the other day.

If you go to Hawks.com it will take you to a full page announcement marketing the big change with a countdown timer.  An email I received confirmed that the event is at 11:10 AM and can be followed live in the following ways:
  • Hawks.com
  • Hawks Mobile App
  • Local SportSouth Channel
I am cautiously optimistic about this, but truth is that I really like their current unis.  Everything I've heard said this won't be a minor revision either so I expect a major shift in their look.  They unveiled new logos a couple of weeks ago which I actually like though.  Hopefully that's a good sign for these new unis as well.

Either way, South Atlanta Wrestling will always support the Hawks and be #TRUETOATLANTA.

UPDATE: If you want them they are available on Uni Watch already via that AJC's Chris Vivlamore

Here's the direct link to Vivlamore's blog as well.