Monday, May 11, 2015

Raw Preview: 5-11-2015

The Raw Five-Point Preview from is up which means it's time for us to take a look at what's in store on tonight's show. 
  1. Will chaos erupt between John Cena and Rusev?--The question here is almost silly.  It's the last show before a special show/PPV so of course chaos will erupt.  What is more interesting is that the pic they used focuses more on the dissension between Rusev and Lana than the Cena/Rusev match.  The summary touches on Lana's warming up to the WWE Universe as well.  Oddly, the also acknowledge that Rusev has been on the losing end of this feud since his breakthrough win at Fastlane.  I figured they'd try to avoid that elephant in the room.  I must add yet again that US Champion John Cena is far more palatable than perpetual main eventer John Cena.
  2. Are Erick Rowan and Luke Harper reuniting?-I certainly hope they are.  Rowan needs Harper more than the other way around, but considering how they've wasted Harper I think they'd both be better off as a monster tag team at this point.  Some have speculated that this could also lead us to a Bray Wyatt face turn which would be an interesting development at this juncture.  It would also seem to me to be premature as I don't feel they've gotten what they should out of Bray yet.
  3. Is Naomi unstoppable with Tamina at her side?--Tamina doing a bodyguard gimmick is the most interesting use for her and it's necessary since you've got Naomi feuding with Nikki who always has Brie.  It's good seeing Tamina back and Nikki is a phenomenal Divas Champion in my mind based on what little they ask of their Divas.
  4. Will King Barrett and Sheamus retaliate against WWE’s underdogs?--King Barrett and the bully Sheamus are an excellent pairing and I've enjoyed both of them since they've come back from their respective injuries.  I hope that Barrett especially can parlay some solid work at this level into a shot higher on the card.  If not, these guys and their face counterparts are wildly entertaining anyway.  Of note, my seven year old has already declared that Neville is one of his favorites.  He's got that style and stature that will appeal to the young kids and I think that's great.
  5. Who will gain key momentum before WWE Payback’s Fatal 4-Way Match?--My main interest here is whether they'll tease dissension between Reigns and Ambrose.  Also Seth Rollins' continued interaction with The Authority (especially Kane) should be interesting as well.  Orton's going to Orton (which is a good thing) and I anticipate we get a heck of a brawl to close out the show.  
This should be a good one as it is our go-home Raw for Payback next Sunday.  The main event of Payback has me intrigued although I'm fairly certain it will end with Dean Ambrose eating a fall to Seth Rollins.  The allure of having The Shield together in this match helps anyway though.  If nothing else I hope it means that Dean Ambrose will be getting some sort of bump up the card for his service here.  In my mind all three Shield members deserve to be hanging out near the top.

Anyhow, looking forward to the show and hoping to stay awake throughout after my marathon drive to and from Kinsport, TN this weekend.