Saturday, May 16, 2015

That's How Daniel Bryan Rolls

Here's an all-time classic.  The Daniel Bryan vs Tyson Kidd match from Saturday Morning Slam.  Fast forward to 5:00 if you don't want to sit through the whole thing.  I'm sure former WCW Executive Vice President, Jim Herd would approve of this gimmick

Tyson Kidd vs Daniel Bryan - Saturday Morning... by Wrestlingfan122

I showed this to my almost 8 year old son for the first time and he got a kick out of it. If you're not aware this Saturday Morning Slam on The CW was targeted at younger audiences so don't hold this up as evidence of how idiotic WWE is compared to Mid-South or whatever. This wasn't meant as a serious wrestling match geared toward the wider audience. It's something to amuse children and in my focus group of one, it worked.