Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Raw Review: Fun Show Interrupted by Sleep

Getting old(er) is absolutely no fun although it beats the alternative.  Now I'm only 36 (37 this month), but with work, kids, etc. sometimes it's difficult to stay up for the end of Raw.  Last night was no different and I fell asleep before the last three segments.  The larger issue here is that I wasn't recording Raw because I recorded that David Letterman special on CBS.  I will record the Universal HD Raw replay, but won't be able to watch it until Sunday at the earliest.

Anyhow, here are thoughts on last night's show minus the last three segments or so.  I'm going to use the format I used last week as I think I like it better.  As always, here is Jason Powell's Live Review from DOT NET for an alternate take on the show.  Let's dig in.
  • New Day as heels is absolute money.  They are so over-the-top and fun it's just ridiculously entertaining.  Of note, Xavier Woods' constant yammering as I called it on Twitter is especially funny.  "I'M GOING TO BEAT ROMAN REIGNS!" he shrieked at one point in their handicap match.  His voice makes it funnier too.  I hate handicap matches, but this one at least had your tag champs win with a one man advantage. 
  • On that note, the ending was fairly predictable and they teased it in the Five-Point Preview, but I thought Roman Reigns' reaction to Spearing his partner was believable.  
  • I thought The Ascension might be an interesting throwback gimmick when I first found out about them, but I was wrong.  I have zero use for them.  Cesaro & Kidd are awesome though and that European Uppercut rally near the end of that match was amazing. 
  • Dean Ambrose having a great match with Seth Rollins is hardly surprising.  Dean winning the match and getting inserted into the Payback main event was and the crowd loved it.  At the risk of being "that guy" it does seem painfully obvious that Dean is there to eat a fall probably to Seth Rollins though, but for now let's just be glad he's getting a piece of the spotlight.  
  • While I'm not advocating a Shield reunion, Payback is setup perfectly for one.
  • Before I forget, Booker T  (bless him) doesn't have the foggiest clue what Freebird Rules actually means.
  • They continue to tease a dissension between Rusev and Lana along with a Lana face turn.  I don't necessarily agree with it, but seeing Lana Fandango-ing was pretty special.  She played that part perfectly.
  • Stardust and R-Truth with a bag at ringside was...something.  The commentary team's discussion about the bag and what it had in it, if anything, was probably the highlight of the match and that's a sad state of affairs honestly.  I didn't even find out what was in the bag, but according to the DOT NET review I linked above it was rubber spiders that freaked R-Truth out obviously.  This was a waste of time.
  • John Cena's US Open Challenge taking place in Montreal was interesting.  More interesting was Heath Slater trying to get his shot again which I am all for mind you.  Bret "The Hitman" Hart entering by surprise was really cool, but he looks far less well than he did the last time I saw him.  Sami Zayn getting the big hometown pop in a valiant effort against Cena was a great moment.  I know many say that's not how to build a guy, but I don't think it hurt Sami at all.  What did hurt him was trying to get the crowd fired up per Dave Meltzer as that's allegedly when he hurt his shoulder.  Rather unusual and unfortunate way to injury yourself there Sami.
  • Looking at the results I missed the Divas segment, Neville/Ziggler vs Sheamus/King Barrett, and Reigns vs Orton with The Authority's interference.
I have to say that I really liked what I saw of this show. I also would like to add that the fact I fell asleep isn't indicative of Raw's quality and that's why I gave that long preamble explaining the situation. I know it never sounds good when someone says they fell asleep watching something, but in this case that was all about me and was not in any way related to the quality of this show. I'm looking forward to catching what I missed this weekend.