Monday, May 4, 2015

Raw Preview: 5-4-2015

Heading into Payback in just a few weeks we have our first Raw of May. has posted their Raw Five-Point Preview so let's take a look how they are pushing tonight's show.
  1. Who is the greater threat to Seth Rollins’ championship?--I'm kind of surprised to see Reigns pushed back into the WWE World Heavyweight Title discussion so soon.  Personally, I would have let that simmer a bit longer as the crowd seems to be warming to Reigns.  The main thing I take from this is that the bigger issue they are playing with is how Orton and Reigns will deal with one another.  All this points to a) Rollins escaping with the strap at Payback and b) some friction between Orton and Reigns at some point and likely that starts tonight.
  2. Will Dean Ambrose get retribution against The Authority?--I could be reading far too much into this, but between this and Ambrose rubbing elbows with Reigns recently I would like to believe (BO-LIEVE!) that they may be serious about getting behind Dean Ambrose again.  I'll probably be disappointed in that regard, but I will be interested to see how he interacts with The Authority tonight.
  3. Might we see a new United States Champion?--John Cena's US Open Challenge is ongoing and I hope Heath Slater attempts to challenge him again only to get punked by Rusev again heading into the I Quit match at Payback.  I'd do this every Raw until Payback actually. 
  4. Will Ryback feast on Bray Wyatt?--This is a bit of a letdown considering I thought we'd be getting Wyatt/Reigns.  It's an interesting scenario they've got here though with Wyatt being one to employ psychological warfare and Ryback being one that isn't exactly portrayed as a thinker. 
  5. What will be Barrett’s first act as King of the Ring?--King Barrett was the perfect choice and I look forward to how he deals with his people going forward.  Like with Ambrose, I hope this is a signal that they are actually getting behind Barrett.  Like with Ambrose, I know I'm probably setting myself up for disappointment.
With Payback so soon (May 17th) hopefully we'll have some good shows the next couple of weeks.  I look forward to Raw every week regardless because if nothing else it means I've finished cutting the grass so there's always that.  In all seriousness, I look forward to the show because it is my carved out time to watch wrestling each week.  This week's Raw is no different.