Monday, May 18, 2015

Raw Preview: 5-18-2015

WWE's Raw Five-Point Preview is up. As usual I am going to take a look at what they are pushing for tonight's show after a really good Payback show last night.
  1. Is Rollins really as good as he says he is?--In a storyline sense this is the perfect question.  His win last night allows him to chirp that he beat Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns.  Of course there were the usual shenanigans, but that's par for the course with him and I love him for it.  He is the perfect weaselly heel champion.  In a real life sense, I'd say Seth Rollins is absolutely as good as he says he is and I've thoroughly enjoyed his run at the top.  Back to the storyline, Kane's future with The Authority seems secure now which kind of surprises me.  I'll be interested to see if something changes that tonight or soon at least.
  2. What ‘I Quit’ Match aftermath lies ahead for John Cena, Rusev and Lana?--Last night's match was stated to be the end of Cena/Rusev so I think the main focus will be on Rusev and Lana's relationship.  I wouldn't be so quick to split them, but that seems to be where we are headed.  For John Cena it appears the US Open Challenge will continue which is always an entertaining part of Raw.
  3. Who’s going into the Elimination Chamber?--New Day found out at Payback that they are going in as part of some sort of WWE Tag Title match.  Competitors for the vacant Intercontinental Title match will most likely begin to qualify tonight.  Elimination Chamber really might be a fun card.  I certainly hope it is.
  4. Heavy hangs the crown?--The post-match exchange after King Barrett and Neville's Payback match was frustrating as it was the worst kind of example of parity booking.  No one got anything out of it and it seemed wholly unnecessary.  The good news is it gives this feud reason to simmer longer and that is a good thing. 
  5. Will Naomi become the next Divas Champion on Raw?--Naomi laid the challenge out there after the show last night.  I guess it has been accepted, but that point doesn't seem terribly clear.  Nikki is awesome and I hope she hangs on to that title for a while even though I do like the Naomi/Tamina pairing as well. 
Looking forward to tonight's show as always.  It's much easier to look forward to it after seeing a show that delivered like Payback did.  With the Elimination Chamber looming and its focus on the Intercontinental and Tag Team titles this show has become far more interesting.