Saturday, May 16, 2015

JTG's Muppet Gimmick

Per DOT NET, JTG appeared on the PodNasty podcast with host Alfred Boima Konuwa III recently and discussed a variety of issues such as Alex Riley, Wrestler's Court, and a dropped Muppet gimmick.  The last one on that list is the most interesting to me as I have zero recollection of hearing this rumored at all.  It never appeared on WWE TV, but typically this type of stuff gets out one way or another.  This one doesn't sound remotely familiar.

From the DOT NET recap:
On the Dropped Muppet Gimmick: "I thought I was a rich man. I'll tell you how rich I thought I was. When Vince approved the gimmick, when he told me that he loved it, I took my wife out to Mr. Chow when I got home because I just saw money. It was my idea, the Idea stemmed from this character I used to do in promo class. WWE Superstars, before Raw, some Superstars were called in early to the show—like maybe an hour early—and we would have hands-on classes with Vince McMahon and we did promo classes where it was kind of like improv and working on promos. He would give us an exercise where he would say 'say anything and you have to cut a promo on it.' I can't remember what word he gave me, but there was a few times where I started talking to myself and it was highly entertaining, and I created a new character with a double personality. His name was Self. The idea was for the muppet to look exactly like me. The premise behind the whole Self-Muppet idea was for it to be seen and heard by the WWE Universe, but not seen by anybody backstage. For example, if me and you were talking backstage, Self would be insulting you but you couldn't hear him. Only me and the WWE Universe, he was kind of like my conscience."
While I appreciate trying to think outside the box I cannot say I'm crazy about another gimmick where the TV audience can see a character and no one else does. It's kind of like Hogan and the audience seeing Warrior in the mirror on Nitro, but Eric Bischoff can't. That said, I kind of wish this had made it to TV just so I could see how it was executed.

JTG deserves a big thumbs up for the title of his new book by the way.  It is titled "DAMN! WHY DID I WRITE THIS BOOK?" after his famous Tweet from the day of his release.

If you want to hear the whole discussion with JTG then here's the link to the PodNasty podcast episode on YouTube.