Friday, May 15, 2015

Harper and Rowan Reunited

I have a lot of conflicting feelings about the reunion of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.  Despite my misgivings about how Harper has been wasted to an extent I generally like the pairing.  Considering the way Harper has been handled and the flop that was Rowan's face run, I think this is the best scenario for these two.  That is assuming they get a legitimate push in the tag division.  How would I do it?

I am not a fantasy booker, but I do occasionally have ideas.  To me this ain't chess, it's checkers.  You have Harper and Rowan tear a path through the tag division.  I'd have them destroy faces and heels alike.  The danger here is that the WWE Universe would get behind these guys, but in theory what happens is you get the build like you had for Superman and Doomsday.  In that story you've got all these groups and heroes trying to stop the seemingly unstoppable force.  In this case you've got Harper and Rowan playing the Doomsday role.  If things work like I would hope the crowds will be clamoring to see somebody, anybody put a stop to their reign of terror.  At that point I think the Swiss Superman would be the perfect foil.  Kidd's flashy style helps, but really it would be the crowd wanting to see Cesaro & Kidd end the streak in large part due to the impressive nature of Cesaro.  The important thing is that I think Cesaro & Kidd actually need to fail in order for this to work.  You build it up to where everyone wants to see C&K end it, but don't give it to them immediately.  I'd even go cheesy 80's movie route and show C&K training after the setback.  It sounds corny until you realize the impressive feats you'd see from Cesaro in the weight room.  In the big rematch Cesaro & Kidd finally get the win and send Harper and Rowan away for a bit. 

Having Cesaro & Kidd vanquish the monsters, Rowan and Harper is a money angle for the tag team division whether the titles are involved or not.  I hope WWE goes with something like this, but I doubt they will.  We know that most midcard acts are stuck in the hamster wheel which is unfortunate, but I think these two teams could really transcend that if allowed. 

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