Monday, April 27, 2015

WWE Extreme Rules Review

Interesting show tonight as it's our first PPV/special show since WrestleMania. I went into the show cautiously optimistic that it would be a good one and I thought it was pretty good.
  • Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper--About what you'd expect from these two until they hopped in an SUV and left the building. Actually, I'd still expect that with these two. For some reason it slayed me that Luke Harper was the one driving. Anyhow, we were left with the commentary team trying to figure out what the official result of the match was, but nothing was ever called. They returned during The New Day's triumphant interview segment to finish the fight at the arena. Good visual there with the SUV pulling in directly next to the interview area. Ambrose gets the win after hitting Dirty Deeds clean in the center. The ring was filled with chairs by that point, but they didn't actually play a part in the finish. Watching both guys fill the ring with chairs was a cool moment though.
  • Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler--As good as you would expect from these two. Dolph gets a win out of nowhere. The Kiss My Arse part went on way too long before Sheamus gave Ziggler a low blow and forced him to kiss his arse instead. While I didn't care for the stip in the first place it actually worked better having Sheamus not be a man of his word than any other scenario there.
  • Cesaro/Kidd (c) vs The New Day (Big E/Kofi) for the WWE World Tag Titles--This was a fun match and the closer we got to the finish the more frenzied it was with Xavier Woods and Natalya both involved. The New Day getting the win here was probably the right move considering their new heel turn. Getting the win by pulling the tights of course was required as well.
  • John Cena (c) vs Rusev for the WWE US Title-Some interesting spots in this one like when Rusev had thrown Cena out of the ring, went out of the ring himself, and used the chain to hoist Cena up so he could kick the heck out of him.  I feel like this match would have been better without the Russian Chain stipulation, but it was pretty good.  Cena retains.  The most interesting thing is Lana acknowledging the "WE WANT LANA!" chants and that infuriating Rusev just before the finish.  Rusev berating her into going to see The Authority was an interesting development as well.
  • Nikki Bella (c) vs Naomi for the WWE Divas Title--Nikki wins with the Rack Attack. Notable moments in this match were Nikki looking amazing, and Naomi having shoes that had glowing soles. Oh, and the crazy sunglasses and dance routine to start.
  • Roman Reigns vs Big Show--Way better than I thought it would be and the crowd seemed to get into it and get behind Reigns.  They built it smartly as well with Reigns teasing table spots, etc. and Big Show denying the crowd those spots.  The finish was cool with Reigns spearing Show through the Spanish announce table and then flipping it over on him to keep him down.  I could have done without Reigns flipping the table or standing on it to get the win, but the crowd was into it.  The commentary team immediately started selling this as Roman Reigns' "arrival."Hopefully that's the case.  
  • Bo Dallas and Ryback confrontation--Impromptu "match" after your typical entertaining Bo Dallas promo.  Bo unsuccessfully trying to get through his catchphrase amused me more than it probably should have, but what can I say?
  • Seth Rollins (c) vs Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Title--Tons of outside interference, etc. in a match type that's supposed to avoid that very thing.  The drama with Kane is interesting in a storyline standpoint, but this match didn't really need all of these stipulations especially since you have no reason to believe that a Steel Cage will actually stop interference.  The "this move is not allowed" stipulation is always lame anyway.  I'm not sure if this match was any good or not really.  It was not bad, but I would have preferred a simpler match instead of all of the shenanigans we got.  All that said, Seth Rollins as the slippery heel champion still works for me.  Winning via RKO was a nice touch though.
Pretty good show.  The main event wasn't as good as I'd like a main event to be for the reasons mentioned.  That said, I have to give Extreme Rules a thumbs up.  The commercials focusing on Roman Reigns for Payback make that show look fairly interesting as well.  That's only 3 weeks away.

Again, good show, mediocre main event.  Thumbs up in general though.