Thursday, April 16, 2015

WWE Create-A-Superstar Figures Releasing Summer 2015

 The WWE Create-A-Superstar figures were a really surprising product that showed up at New York Toy has new prototype images of these figures which now have a release date of summer 2015.

Here's what I said about this line at the time.

They have unveiled pictures of their Create A WWE SuperStar line which includes:
They did not have a picture of the Rocker Set or The Rock one, but had a loose pic which I linked above.  It appears that Sheamus, Kane, and Seth Rollins will also appear at some point in this set.  Rey Mysterio and Triple H have heads that come with the Lucha Set and Warrior Set respectively.  It is a really cool concept and I see a lot of potential there with the extra customizations you will be able to do with these figures.  My seven year old son's first reaction was, "Woah, that is cool."  He then responded with "COOL!!" to every other shot of those figures.
Bray Wyatt and Hulk Hogan are still my favorites, but the whole set looks really nice.  My seven year old wants that Hulk Hogan one and as stated above he loves the figure lines that are belt on this concept. 

Can't wait to see these hit retails.  I'll have to find an excuse to buy my son one.