Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Messiah returns to CZW

A little backstory, The Messiah was one of the top guys in XPW, a promotion based out of California who you may remember as a promotion that tried an invasion of ECW's Heatwave 2000 PPV event.  The Messiah was one of those wrestlers who tried to invade the show and was one of the faces of the promotion up until he left under controversial circumstances at the end of 2001. 

Beginning of 2002, he makes his debut for Combat Zone Wrestling in Philadelphia against then champion Justice Pain, and from at that point he becomes a mainstay in the promotion, becoming one of their top guys.  Then comes August 1 of that year...

The Messiah was in his home in California when he was attacked by two men in his house, hit with a fish tank and ended up losing a thumb.  The story made headlines across the wrestling industry, even national headlines with a story on America's Most Wanted.

It was expected that The Messiah would be taking a considerable amount of time away from wrestling to recover and to help with the investigation of his attack.  Little did people know that only a few weeks after the attack, he would return to wrestling, first making his comeback at the inaugural Tournament of Death for CZW, winning his first round match against Adam Flash and losing in the semi-finals to Nick Mondo.  And for a man who was attacked, to take part in such a brutal event shows just how much he needed to get back to some sense of normalcy in his life.  Despite all that had happened, wrestling was his place that he needed to get back to.
Cut to two weeks after the ToD, CZW held their monthly event at the old ECW Arena, dubbing this one Ultraviolent Freedom of Expression.  For a very long time it was more known for World Champion Justice Pain having an open challenge answered by CM Punk, but as time would tell, it would become more known for what would happen at the end of the show, when Nick Mondo and the Wifebeater were being attacked by the heel's, Lobo's Army, and The Messiah comes out to save the good guys.  At the end, The Messiah broke character and made his first public speech about what has transpired those past few weeks of his life.  Warning: the video contains very strong language.